Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sculptris Alpha 5
I discovered last week during the heavy snow fall that hit britain a relatively new 3d sculpting programme Sculptris, now there’s other 3d software that bare similarly to this one however what makes this programme so unique is how easy it is to use and the mobility of the software is very user friendly, covers same principles as existing sculpting software Zbrush(which is found to be complex if your a beginner), this is the perfect alternative to those who would like to start of fresh modelling visualisations which can be taken into more 3d packages for animation ect. Another interesting fact about Sculptirs, its completely free a prototype currently being developed by Pixologic.
Here’s an example of the results that can be achieved:
 A quick attempt at sculpting a bear’s head. Fairly good as my first try on Sculptris.

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