Saturday, 18 December 2010

Making Of: Part 2 (Blurb - Make Your Own Book)

Most of my time recently has been spent producing the ‘art of’ document for my project. Initial this was going to be a summary/evolution of my characters solely however, I was eager to share much more with the viewer of my book and give them a greater insight. Things are progressing really well despite some of the major tasks left at hand. Having said this, it’s important I engaged in completing the ‘art of’ document first and foremost as the deadline for the project is just after the Christmas break. The Blurb book will be shipped from aboard hence the significance of having it complete before time runs out. It was nice to look back onto exactly what has been considered over the duration of the unit and the extent of how much effort has gone into the end product.

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Tom Beg said...

Nice one Raj! I'm about halfway on mine, should be done tonight or tommorow morning.