Thursday, 9 December 2010

Character Structure

My characters are really beginning to form now just a few more tasks lie ahead such as the rigging and skinning, I’ll start the process of animating and develop some sequences once they are complete, seen as I haven’t working with animal rigs or animating animals for that matter some research has into quadrupeds has been on the agenda, to get an idea of the animal structure in terms of the way they are constructed this will enhance the believability of the animation as well as improvement of the animal movements.

 I have come across an interesting diagram which displays a ready made rig structure for my quadrupeds, the sketches done previously in relation to my characters bare similarity to the structure however these are much more detailed. 
Taken from a presentational thesis the model-based reconstruction of creature animation, found online illiterates an intuitive array of information located to help my understanding of the animal anatomy and structure, the information obtained shows different aspects of measured and observed locomotion. Its interesting to see when rigging/animating you often only consider the bones in which the model is comprised of and the characters model itself, I know now from the information there are other things to take in account for instance how each part of the animals structure (skeleton, muscle, skin) interacts with one another. As shown in the figures below.

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