Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Begining the year as 2nd year Students .....

My summer has been very productive and has also been a nice break. I’ve successfully passed my driving test and found a new job these are the main things I have been focusing on during the Summer holidays however now we are back as 2nd year students and hopefully ready to work hard and keen to learn new skills and techniques.

Narratie project

Im excited by the results of the groups outcome and very happy working along side Matt and Tom, two creative minds who I get along with just fine.

Wasn’t to sure where to begin but decided to search imdb for movies/films which can be used within our work and so listed a range of different films from around the 1980s to present day allowing us to base our jokes gags spoof on.

My choices:
  • Brave heart
  • Die Hard
  • James Bond
  • Lord Of The Rings
  • Rocky
  • Knight Rider
    Character design project

    From all the projects we have received so far this is one I have been looking forward to quite a lot as it involves lost of drawing, sketching and designing with my imagination, once again selecting an envelope containing my topic in which the characters will evolve around.
    'Overall happy with my word'
    The brief challenges us to develop
    A hero
    A villain
    A side kick

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