Monday, 25 May 2009

Maya work

So much work has gone into the creation of my Maya objects and sequences, although it is probably not seen as much in my final piece here are some previews and stills which contain the evidence from my workings.

Inner body shots

Hand linked to Heart

Out of the models i created this one strands out the most, modeling three separate cubes merging them together to form the heart shape also adding other geometry's such as cylinders proved to be very successful.

Heart wire frame

Hand wire frame

Finger wire frame

I believe the snake was one of the most hardest models out of the many i created has is involved moving parts and a more defined model and detail, the way in which the snake moved was simply created using deformers as the attributes where modified and animated individual to the model although it work in correspondence to the snake model.

i encountered numerous amounts of problems with this model but allowed me to understand the issues and can now act upon this for next time.

Snake Wire frame

Very similar to the Cardiotoxic cell although this was one was much more easier to create as it combines spheres together into there is a slight glow to it and a small amount of colouration to it.

White Blood cell

The bump texture allowed me to simply modify the style and the deepness of the texture enhancing it look.

Blood cell wire frame

this was simply created by increasing the shaders glow intensity

Cardiotoxic wire frame

mainly focusing on the character design during the early stages of the animations production i started by modeling the smaller part of the animation such as the cells above are a few examples whilst doing this, most of my shaders included blinns as this was the perfect choice bringing out the models character well, the whole animation was done in stages and around 14 separate cameras where used in the production of the animation, mental ray was used to render out and so this proved to be very time consuming however worth it in the end result.

Final animation

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