Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tutorial Research

I entered the tutorial today with very vague mind set however that afternoon turned out very positive indeed, the major concern was the storyboard in which I made a mistake in trying to embark upon this early on, so many other things to consider before designing the storyboard for instance the main backbone R&D(research and development). All I could think about was the storyboard and expressing the nature of how I should tackle it, although there was something more that needed to be examined the research side of the project needed to be established before anything, the talk which tutor Phil filled my mind which was much needed also attention-grabbing, he expressed how I should look at the poem as if it was created by someone else, piecing together this notion of what it looks like from another persons point of view, now the idea is to tap into children’s fears there emotion’s the things they do not wish to see when going to sleep for example in there ‘bedroom’.

So much was mentioned and expressed the use of shadows within film Noir is a nice topic to devour, along with German expressionism as a whole these will be the key area’s to exploit next before I move on. As my knowledge of the genres is limited I must pick up them quickly therefore some examples where given, the different kinds of film/video footage conveys what my project is all about. These are some of the research material I’ll be looking into. Nosferan, Caligari, Judderman. Svank Majer- ‘down in the cellar’ Chiascuro.

Taking note of as much as I could from the tutorial session has allowed me to get the ball rolling, here is a list of words used to describe the visual style which will play the most important part drawing in the audience and creating that attraction.
Visual style?
Casting shadows
Black and White
Jagged shapes
No Curvature
 If we look at my past pieces of artwork they don’t really obtain theses attributes given in the visual aesthetics’ although its not to say they aren’t nice piece’s of art work, more needs to be done and the visual style guidelines should be useful in the process.

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