Thursday, 23 September 2010

More Minor sketch work

These are some additional monster sketches created over the summer, what I was really looking for in these designs where shape and form once again this shows a nice indication of how I like to start the design process and perhaps in some cases the environment and style can be based around this, also the sketches demonstrate an example of the method I use when building the an idea of the characters within my world. 

As explained in the proposal the aesthetics are not yet clear, so I set out to gather some research to get my head around this, thoughts about the kind of aesthetics that may play an important part in the overall design of my creatures where considered. I had come across an interesting quote which relates to the problem that I am facing, the article title Monster Inc. Serial killers and custom culture examines seminal example of serial killer fiction and film. The only way I’ll be able to ensure the animation goes to plan and connect with the targeted audience is to make sure I understand this market of ‘monsters’.
'But the notion of the monster is rather difficult to deal with, to get a hold on, to stabilize . . . monstrosity may reveal or make one aware of what normality is'. (Derrida, 1995: 386


Alan Postings said...

Hi Raj,

Really liking these drawings. There's definately a gem of an idea burried in there - As is or as a combination of characters.

You're right about 'Knowing your monster market' and as we said before your guiding light should be a decision centred around the age of the audience and how realistic you want this to look.

Also, don't forget to draw with the environment in mind. This can often help shape ideas - Ie, knowing how big the wardrobe is or how far the bed is away from a cupboard etc. If you combine these requirements with some of the parts of the poem that ellude to sound/ movement it will help bring unique qualities to each character - A distinct family of monsters.

Rdhillon said...

Appreciate that Alan :)
I’ve taken note of what you have said going to build up a picture of the room and start to gather some footage. I think it’s been hard to establish the storyboard and its content but I think I’m getting there, still lots to do theoretical and techniques stuff to get my head around.'A distinct family of monsters', hmmm perhaps your right here overcomplicating the scene might play havoc on the mind of the audience. So making the ‘monsters’ very specific relating to one another will really work. :D