Monday, 27 April 2009

week 27

This advert features computer-generated flu germs, which are sneezed out of a man on a bus. It tells you that your immune system won't be able to fight the flu virus if you suffer from asthma, any chronic illness or are over 65 years old, unless you protect yourself with a flu jab, like the bus driver in this advert.


My idea derevied from a documentary (Animal Planet Seven Master

Bases of idea derived from the fascination of snakes Austin Stevens showed in a documentary shown last year in 2008.

My story sturture

  • Beginning (Act 1)
    Attention is captured as snake slithers around and travels through the scene, problem is introduced here someone is unaware of the venomous snake lurking around the corner .

  • Middle (Act 2)
    Here tension is found as there is a risk of the human being attacked which therefore leads to a snake bite and the individual is seen as an intruder to snake.
    Obstacles for the Cardiotoxic cells are the white blood cells trying to fight off the foreign body.

  • End (Act 3)
    Closure is provided as blood cells and white blood calls are overcome by the Cardiotoxic venom.

The heart

This video explains how the heart works its also very usful showing examples in which i can take in account when designing my heart for my animation.

when animating here are some shots in which i can concider.Alos educating myself about the camera movements.

Designing logo for publication

The above image shows a clloection of random logos ive notived that with some fo the stronger ones that colours rnage and vary to create a contrasrt which stands out, the next image below shows how three designs worked togther to develop a finihsed product.within imy own skteches and desgin throught i have shown and tryed this method out by sketching many diffent thing in reation to my project.

The image shown here is very intresting in tirems of the lines and the prespective, it have me an iadea about my logo and which shapes can be used to help.

Skecthes for logo design

My idea simply started off by drawing images that relate to the project expreimenting with shapes and different scales we have the hand ,cells,snake designs showing the range of element i looked into.The end design of the logo will showcase the design process which was created in photoshops .

1.The begining stage outline of snake and heart.

2.Touchnig up ouline

3.Adding in heart colour

4.Adding snake colour

5.Finished design

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