Monday, 8 December 2008

week 13

After the interim crit i received some constructive criticism about the stage i am at with my work i needed add more to the development side of things for example getting out there and taking some images of the environment around us.

My photography began down in the foundation studio in the university where a few friends where working ,came across some 3d art work which i found to be quite interesting, i could manipulate them and try the lighting i liked from Gregory Crewdsons work.

For some strange reason my next door neighbour has random objects within his garden I'm not to sure why he has them and don't really see him that often either, hes an elderly man who's seems very quite and non sociable, remembering this i took my chance and captured some interesting looking pictures and also manipulate them.

For my final piece to succeed it must fall under The Uncanny valley which is the graph shown below.

Long Weekend
Dir Colin Eggleston

The last of the Australian trilogy of films ended with Longweekend, the films start of with a scene with Marcia (Briony Behets) inside her home of a modern Sydney couple atmosphere which seems to be normal, i remember the televisions content contained 'The Birds' which was the very first film we watched, the sounds in this film is very strong a key scene i remember was when one of the main character Peter (John Hargreaves) ran down an Australian native animal the kangaroo it then went on thought out the film creating strange crying noises as if a baby was crying, the couple believe they are traveling somewhere however when they stop at a dinner on the way the locals seem very particular and odd not knowing where this location is they are trying to find, it backs up the theory of the beginnings of a strong horror genre style of film .

Once again nature is out to get the couple i believe its connects to the killing of the kangaroo and the damage of the bush as Peter through his cigarette out of the window, the angle of the shots where very good it ranged from birds eye views from grounds views it all helped making the viewer feel unease thought the film.

The hallway idea i decided to design is shown here with some colour i added in photoshop to give a better perspective of the condition i wanted to show in my design.The aim is to create a cold dam type of astmosphere enhanceing its uncanny meaning the best way i could shows this was to use dark blues and blacks with gray.

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