Sunday, 4 January 2009

week 14

Its now the final week of the project and starting to feel the pressure a bit however , should be able to get everything done I've planned out for the last 2 week to write up my essay and to put everything together for my final scene.

The idea is to right about a recent film for my essay as i can contrast the deference's it has to the older generation of film we have seen during the project.Which is why i have chosen the most Mirrors 2008 directed by Alexandre Aja.

Invasion of the Body snatchers

Dir. Don Siegel


This film is all about identity the main character (Kevin McCarthy) playing Dr.J.Miles.Bennell starts the film by telling the story of the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers you have no idea what is going to happen in the films as it doesn't give much away at the beginning, i like the way the film made you want to know what is going to occur next keeping you in suspense, Bennell enters the scene very distressed and then the scene suddenly changes to him looking every smart in his surgery the element of strangeness enters when the public aren't visiting the surgery for there check ups, i noted this quote ''there's no emotion just the intense of it'' this was taken when uncle Ira (Tom Fadden) had changed.

Miles friends had found a body lying outside, they then carried it into there home thinking the body was dead as they checked the body there was no features such as eyes finger prints and so on, the sounds add to the scary atmosphere displayed with dark shadows behind the 'fake' person, the best scene i noticed was near the end of the film (Dana Wynter) Becky Driscoll and Miles Bennell were trying to escape and warn the rest of the world they come across a huge farm breeding the alien organisms (pods) on a mass scale showing the rapid rate of what is happening.

Blue Velvet
Dir David Lynch

I don't thinking I'll ever forget this film there were some very bizarre sexual scenes in the content of the film however contained some excellent scenes i saw some similarity to Edward scissor hands within this film in terms of its lighting and constructed sets, (Kyle MacLachlan) playing Jeffery Beaumont had found a human ear after his father was attacked i thought this had some connection to the attacking but wasn't too sure.

I remember the scene where Sandy Williams (Laura Dern) and Jeffery Beaumont where looking up at this dark desolate blocks of apartments which later was broke into by Jeffery,when he arrive on the 7th floor everything is very dim and gloomy in contrast to the outside and the lower floor.The harsh humming noise added to the huge effect of uncanny style of the apartment.

The reason i wont forget the film is that it made me feel distressed because Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) character was being abused and raped by (Dennis Hopper) Frank Booths character i also think this was a very good way to end the unit.

Maya work

The sample images below show where the basic shape of what i was creating began, simply by creating a polygon cube and adding and taking away faces leaving it easier to sculpture these were the main steps i took during the modeling process.

I also had to consider the lighting within my scene as it would play a key part,this was done by experimenting with the different lights Maya had to offer and configuring with the attributes making sure for example i get the right amount of intensity.

The door i sculptured which will be placed at the end of the hallway.

This is my scene complete ,your probably wondering why there is a joystick in the scene and thinking about how it got there, this is where i took the idea from the films we have watched showing the mystery's and unanswered questions take place.

I wanted the viewer to feel as if something has taken place in the scene such as a robbery the significant of the joysticks plays a big roll i think as it may suggest a kidnapping has taken place because the joystick symbolises a child's toy.

Although i came across a few errors with Maya i think overall my experience using Maya was very positive and now can take this and go onto bigger and better things.

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