Monday, 1 December 2008

week 12

Once researching the artists and gathering information about the uncanny style of photography my findings lead to create a list of the environments I'm considering working on, for me this was essential as it will determine the type of scene I'm going to develop.

-Alley ways
-Junk yard
-Garden at night
- Forest

-Junk yard
-Theatre set
- abandoned house

Its clear that some of these scenes above are not in much depth however now i have done this i can further my development in creating some concepts which i will later create in photoshop.
Dir.Nic Roeg

This is the first of a series of Austrian films the film is a non-ambiguity film as it shows the contrast between natural and the real world i feel that the film has been completely constructed in the way the films scenes are displayed they changed for example from an interior to an exterior scene, the sense of horror in the film is not shown unlike the Birds by Alfred Hitchcock for me i received mainly strangeness, sounds in the film create the atmosphere especially at start of the film with the sounds of a didgeridoo, accompanied by close up of creatures in the desert it shows how deserted they are as the animals run free in the wild.

In the film i see hints of Gregory Crewdson artistic skill, his work is constructed as like the film is also the important scene i remembered was the one where on there journey they came across an abandoned house a strange relationships was occurring which developed the strangeness even more.

I made my decision of wanting to design a interior scene, the fist idea came into my head i just quickly jot this down into my note pad and than developed it more as you can see from the images below this one.
the idea was to have a Victorian style doll sitting on the edge of the bed, there would be quite an intense light coming though the window casting a shadow behind the doll.

the reason for my choice of included a doll is that i feel that they have played an important part of the childhood during 1950s young children normally carried around a doll everywhere they went as you can see in the picture above.

the Victorian doll in a way is a key symbol the main meaning i wanted to express in my idea was that the spirit of the dead child lives on in the doll.


Originally i wanted to add the ventriloquist doll sitting at the edge of the bed but thought it would be to hard to create in Maya and found that the Victorian doll would even more challenging however would show more meaning.


mannequinI feel that with human models there is a huge sense of strangeness as the are a replica of our self the 'human body' in it shape and form ,mannequins are now getting to that stage where they are becoming more realistic to give people a better view of the items of clothing they are wearing, you can find actual real life size mannequins all over the world such as models of celebrities, even though you know that they are lifeless, you have that bizarre sense of feeling for example you wouldn't want to be left in the dark with them.


the next idea involves mannequins it isn't my strongest idea however could be effective if created correctly as i wasn't that keen on this idea i deiced not to carry out too much research on it.
this is the basic design of my 3rd idea, its a large store room area with many containers holding mannequin body parts such as the arms legs etc.

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Dir.Peter Weir


The 2ND film of the Australian trilogy was Picnic at Hanging Rock, i noticed it had some relations to the previous film we watched 'Walkabout' again around the natural nature genre it makes it feel very spiritual, you see more close ups of animals but in this case its more enclosed because of the forest atmosphere,whilst watching the film i asked myself 'what is the meaning of the film?' and could not find one as the film had so my unanswered questions.

The use of flute is what seemed to stand out and is what i remember as being quite symbolic giving a sense of freedom, during the film the class of students had been on a picnic and strangely fall asleep when they arrive at there destination at this point in the film the uncanny element started to take place maybe the clocks stopping at 12 has perhaps a connection to them falling asleep.

Another key scene i remember was the head mistress siting in her office, here you see the change in state because her hair was very nicely groomed and positioned at the beginning and now set as being the opposite.Ends as the girls where never found the film has no answers to the questions you have which becomes an unsolved as a mystery.

This is my car park scene if i was to carry this one out i would like to show the coldness and darkness in the scene i think

After my experiences of creating my designs i really needed something simple on the other hand successful, this is were they idea of claustrophobia came into my head, this scene i a took small element from each of my previous designs and put them into one.

The hallway scene is to make you feel unsafe as if as event has occurred there's much more detail which is needed to be added to make it more easier to understand.


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