Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Work Placement

My time at Squint Opera is now complete I’m free to start working on my minor project and other things, so much has been gained from this experience I have made the first steps to connecting with the industry and beginning to establish the network within it , the placement was very positive meeting new people and learning a great deal ,having little knowledge in some of the programme used such as 3ds max and final cut pro for example, these where put a side and the focus was on primarily the abode programmes Photoshop and AfterEffects, most of the technical aspects of the project consisted of heavy use of these packages so therefore most of the techniques learnt built up around theses programmes, I now feel much more confident in using AfterEffects and would like to carry it on into the minor project as some of the procedures can be of great use to me. Looking back at ways in which the company operates it was noticeable how busy the atmosphere was although this was a result of the expansion Squint is going through, more full time employees and more freelances where being recruited. I enjoyed the nature of the working environment especially as you feel quite stress free it was nice to see a family like relationship between the employees and how everyone had the freedom to liaise with one another even though some where working on different projects at one time.
One of the main highlights to the experience was to observe how I would cope, thinking I’d be under pressure with the work, as the weeks went on this assumption went straight out of the window, the tasks given did not have a huge deal of difficulty attached to them so this made the experience much easier. It was important to establish whether I could see myself working in a studio like this or the creative world so to speak and now feel confident enough to say my views have changed I can see myself working in an environment of this kind in the future.


tutorphil said...

Hey Raj!

I'm so pleased you've had such a positive experience at Squint. I've been thinking about you these past weeks, hoping all was going well. It must have knackered you out, of course, but what an opportunity. Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing you get stuck into your third year stuff - BUT - (trust me on this) - get started on your dissertation and get started on it now; if you want email me your structure, your ideas and let's ensure you start off on the right foot and with maximum clarity; aim to have a first draft completed by September - students that do this stand the greatest chance of success in their minor projects. Meanwhile, I want to know what you're planning for your creative work too - so don't be a blogging slouch - show me the money! Oh - and did you hear our news about our big win at New Designers 2010? CG Arts won 'Best Stand'! We are going places! :-)

Rdhillon said...

Hey Phil,

Nice to hear from you again, and thank you once again.
I’ve been working in the minor little and have some sketches to come up with the idea I’m going for.
Just been strolling through some study guide information for the dissertation picked up earlier from the library and just getting my head round it reading up on a few things as well, would really appreciate your help on this as you know my essays have been quite weak in the past and its time to nail this one, is it okay if I send you my essay synopsis and also some feedback from Chris Hunt?
And yes I’ve heard! Well done! :D

tutorphil said...

No probs, Raj - send when you're ready.

Rdhillon said...

sent. :)