Saturday, 24 July 2010

Lewis Carroll

Much like the transcription project I’m hoping for great success in this assignment I need to find a suitable candidate, locating that perfect scene where things come to life. Going back to my proposal its clear about a few things I’m going to incorporate live action with cg (1) in addition to the animation it may incorporate a kind of species creatures/monsters of some kind (2) the animation will require a good sense of direction (3) by obtaining these factors I can bring existing text from past to present with a modern twist.
Poetry or some kind of literature may be the way forward to finding the text needed to get thing rolling the first of which is Lewis Carroll. I’ve witnessed a good transcription from Lewis Carroll’s fiction perhaps there might be some of interest to me.
Various Lewis Carroll poems:

‘Alice’s fantastical adventures that have endured in their popularity for over a century, influencing contemporary authors, artists, musicians and inspiring adaptations to the stage and screen. Carroll’s particular mix of creativity, fantasy, word play, satire, nonsense, and dry wit have gained him iconic status in popular culture with such memorable characters as Alice herself, the March Hare, the wise Dodo, a mad Hatter, the hookah smoking Blue Caterpillar, and the Cheshire Cat.’

Lewis Carroll is most famously known for bringing ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)’ to life this is an area I can considered as it has some reality in the text which is in context with my vision and also contains very rich mouth-watering scenes, I’ve looked closely at two particular parts of writing ‘The Garden of Live Flowers’ and ‘The Looking Glass Insects’, here are a few of the illustrations taken from the book.
John Tenniel illustrations

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