Monday, 10 November 2008

week 9

Edward Scissorhands
Dir. Tim Burton
as like the alien film i have seen this film before , i quite enjoyed watching it again. the film starts off with a classic 1950s feel to it as it shows a scene of all the houses ranging from in different colours which are very light giving the impression of happiness the colours consists of baby blue, light green, pink yellow and so forth along with the old fashioned cars. from the clean neighborhood to the darkness of where Edward lives here is where some good contrast was shown an excellent scene looking up at the castle this is were the lighting was at its best.

The anti American Gothic 'perfect world' combination proved to be good as the director Tim Burton had giving the film meaning and so during the end of the film it give you a scene of sadness as Edward returned back to the castle and machinery.

The Cook The Thief ,His Wife & Her Love
Dir Peter Greenway

The the last of our films was 'The Cook The Thief ,His Wife & Her Lover', i found the beginning of the film extremely confusing but soon realised what was actually going on, this film contains some very violence scene and so a get a scene of violence throughout the film an example of this would be when the thief(Albert) stabs a fork into a women's cheek.

The film had almost everything within it there was violence, love, hate, murder , cannibalism etc however i feel there was something missing the whole film seemed theatrical stage like (play) with all the vivid lighting and colours, there were some key features of the film i took note of, such as the kitchen scene, when close examining the film you notice the camera move from side to side capturing the details.

Concept Art
Digital painting final touch ups ..

A print screen of the first scene the 'hatchery' is shown here they are images of the development stages of the scenes as you can see it is coming along nicely.I've blocked out the main areas of shadow which applies to all the concept designs sticking to my cold colour scheme of the factory you can find the description for the scenes in my key words.

The next scene is the view from the elevator on the roof looking down onto the city, i didn't spend much time on this image as you will see compared to the other two scenes ,i found it mush more harder to get the colours and angle of the scene i wanted it also lacked in detail however this is only on the beginning of the scene.

My most time consuming scene out the three which is the view from the helicopter ,i wanted to capture the city's atmosphere as well as the right idea of the scene itself , meaning i didn't want to add too much to ruin the scene and didn't want 2 have too much either i had to find the right balance.

In the interim cirt i will view all of my final concept designs.

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