Wednesday, 5 November 2008

week 8

I'm now at the stage of thinking about my essay, from the films we have watched the ones that appeal most are the earlier one such as edward sciccorhands and alien I'm going to stick to a more earlier films idea and so i have chosen equilibrium to be my film to analyses as i have a better undertanding if it from watching it previously the film relates to my projects as well as minorty report however i felt equilbrium would be better becaue of its scence and colours, the film and my book are both set in the futuritc tence which is also an advantage.

Dir.Ridley Scott

This film has a connection to my book through the futuristic structure of the film ,I'm not sure if there are any other connection although watching the film has shown me some key scenes to look at for example the alien landscape when the humans leave the ship onto the planet coming across living eggs to the alien. Again helping me with different camera shots this was the thing i began thinking about after watching the entire film,rearranging my scenes to make them that little bit better.

i think i can take some pieces of inspiration from the film such as the lights, they range in colour which i can take in consideration when developing my first scene of the hatchery the ship has lots of machinery which can be used also.

i noticed with some of my out door city landscape scences i'm going to need a type of surrounding to give the background some depth so these buildings from the 1930s art deco period became qutie usefull, below are some exmaples i collected.

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