Monday, 2 May 2011


I’ve put together some textures on a basic level, the earlier oil made sheets are being used here. One of the main assets to bringing my environment to life will be noticeable in the way I produce and apply my texture with in my surroundings.


tutorphil said...

love these, Raj! They nuanced and very 'soft' - lovely!

Alan Postings said...

Hi Raj

Nice job. You should also think about specular and translucence too. Particularly if they are living entities.

Rdhillon said...

Thanks Phil and Alan, yeah I agree it’s funny you say this.. it’s actually a conversation I’d like to have with you later on today.

tutorphil said...

Raj? How's it going? An update on heart and mind would be appreciated. Blog - or email, just get in touch, okay? Hope all is progressing well.

Rdhillon said...

I’ve finished all the design stuff and just about to upload. The modelling is the problem it’s going ridiculously slow at the minute so I have reduced the amount to model to fit the time left. Should have this up soon as well.