Saturday, 27 September 2008

week 3

The interim critique has passed and now working on the information i was given about my ideas from Phil , i found the criticism very helpful enabling me to go onto the next steps of my portrait project which was to stick to my design of the mobile phone idea as it was the strongest out of the three shown.
...however i still feel there is something missing from this final idea.
My second idea seems quite strong in the way it has no mouth can be viewed interestingly to the viewer ,i think they would question why has he got no he trying to hide something for example his true identity? has he got no emotions? these are the responses i received when i showed it to my friends.
The reason behind this would be that I'm trying conceal and hide my true emotions and then the next question some would ask would be why?
the answer would simply be becaue this is who i am, im trying to hide my true self from the out side world.

This is the image i created of my self using a basic painting technique during week 3 still trying to improve and develop me ideas.

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